Sheer Sport

Sheer Sport

| 49 min

In this documentary, climbers from the Club de montagne canadien scale a nearly perpendicular wall of Precambrian rock, 65-meters high, in the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal. Mini-transmitters carried by the climbers, and daring camerawork, convey every moment of suspense as two men and a woman grope and pull and inch their way upward. Two veteran mountaineers, Fritz Wiessner and John Brett, appear briefly in the film.

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  • director
    Marc Hébert
  • producer
    Robert Forget
  • photography
    Roger Rochat
    Claude Larue
  • sound
    Claude Pelletier
  • editing
    Éric de Bayser
  • re-recording
    Ron Alexander
    Roger Lamoureux
    Michel Descombes
  • music
    Pierre F. Brault