The Dionne Quintuplets

The Dionne Quintuplets

| 1 h 27 min

Back in 1934, Elzire Dionne delivered five identical girls. The Dionne Quintuplets follows Cecile, Emilie, Marie, Yvonne and Annette through twenty-one years of strange upbringing. When the girls were just infants, the premier of Ontario issued a court order removing them from parental care. Cut off from the world and their family, over-publicized, viewed twice daily in a special viewing compound, they grew up as prize exhibits. Director Donald Brittain uses old newsreel footage, home-movie sequences and interviews to depict a historic event that became a tragic exploitation of a family. Based on the book The Dionne Years by Pierre Berton.

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  • director
    Donald Brittain
  • producer
    Donald Brittain
  • executive producer
    Peter Katadotis
    Paul Wright
  • script
    Pierre Berton
    Barbara Sears
  • photography
    Douglas Kiefer
  • sound
    Fraser McAninch
  • editing
    Les Halman
    Richard Bujold
  • sound editing
    Bernard Bordeleau
    Abbey Jack Neidik
    Les Halman
  • re-recording
    Jean-Pierre Joutel
    Adrian Croll
  • narrator
    Pierre Berton
  • music
    Art Phillips